Dayco Poly Rib Aramid Serpentine Belt

Dayco Products offers the Dayco Poly Rib Aramid Serpentine Belt for vehicles whose motors require a stronger and more rigid serpentine belt.

"As the demand for higher output engines and tighter engine packaging increases, Original Equipment Manufacturers have elected to use serpentine belts with aramid [aromatic polyamide] tensile cord on specific applications that may have noise, vibration or harshness issues, or in drive systems in which tensioner take-up is minimal.

The Dayco Poly Rib Aramid Serpentine Belt has been engineered to maintain a quiet, vibration-free belt drive system. Unlike polyester-corded belts, the Dayco Poly Rib Aramid Serpentine Belt will resist the expected elongations, especially during high accessory loading. This unique feature of length stability and minimal stretch can aid in those difficult drives where span vibrations and tensioner movements are excessive, resulting in reduced belt noise. The Dayco Poly Rib Aramid Serpentine Belt also features Dayco’s W Profile, the solution to troublesome drive problems, and is built with Dayco’s specially designed EPDM rubber compounds that resist cracking and perform better under extreme temperature ranges."

You can find the item numbers and their applications by downloading the following document: DaycoProductsPolyRibAramidSerpentineItemNumbers.pdf

For more information, please visit: DAYCO® POLY RIB® ARAMID SERPENTINE BELT.