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Toyo Tires Proxes ST IIIThe Toyo Tires PROXES ST III (ST3), is a modern Japanese tire for SUVs, crossovers, and sport light-trucks. It's a highway tire that will replace the strong> Toyo Tires PROXES ST II in some sizes.

When you compare the Toyo PROXES ST III model with its predecessor, you'll find that this new design is characterized for having a longer useful life, better handling in wet surfaces, and a significant improvement in dry surface handling and wet surface braking.

To accomplish this advancements, complying with the criterias of SUVs/CUVs and sport light trucks, the tread design is aggressive and directional. This design contains some lightning bolt shaped grooves to provide great performance in wet surfaces since it has better water drainage, among other elements that add for this purpose that improve the dry handling as well as the handling and braking in wet surfaces including having silica compound.

The Toyo PROXES ST III (PXST3) has UTQG 500 A A and is available in these sizes:

  • 215R65-16
  • 225R55-18
  • 225R55-19
  • 225R65-17
  • 235R60-16
  • 235R60-18
  • 235R65-17
  • 245R50-20
  • 255R50-19
  • 255R50-20
  • 255R55-18
  • 255R55-19
  • 255R60-18
  • 265R50-20
  • 265R40-22
  • 275R45-20
  • 275R55-20
  • 275R60-17
  • 275R40-20
  • 285R60-18
  • 285R35-44
  • 295R45-20
  • 305R40-22
  • 305R45-22

Buy them at your favorite tire shop in Puerto Rico, and for more information please study the following flyer from Toyo Tires:

Toyo Tires Proxes ST3 Folleto

Dayco Poly Rib Aramid Serpentine Belt

Dayco Products offers the Dayco Poly Rib Aramid Serpentine Belt for vehicles whose motors require a stronger and more rigid serpentine belt.

"As the demand for higher output engines and tighter engine packaging increases, Original Equipment Manufacturers have elected to use serpentine belts with aramid [aromatic polyamide] tensile cord on specific applications that may have noise, vibration or harshness issues, or in drive systems in which tensioner take-up is minimal.

The Dayco Poly Rib Aramid Serpentine Belt has been engineered to maintain a quiet, vibration-free belt drive system. Unlike polyester-corded belts, the Dayco Poly Rib Aramid Serpentine Belt will resist the expected elongations, especially during high accessory loading. This unique feature of length stability and minimal stretch can aid in those difficult drives where span vibrations and tensioner movements are excessive, resulting in reduced belt noise. The Dayco Poly Rib Aramid Serpentine Belt also features Dayco’s W Profile, the solution to troublesome drive problems, and is built with Dayco’s specially designed EPDM rubber compounds that resist cracking and perform better under extreme temperature ranges."

You can find the item numbers and their applications by downloading the following document: DaycoProductsPolyRibAramidSerpentineItemNumbers.pdf

For more information, please visit: DAYCO® POLY RIB® ARAMID SERPENTINE BELT.



Ballistic BJ Baldwin in 'Recoil 3 - Sasquatch Hunter' with Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires brings us a third installment of Recoil with Ballistic BJ Baldwin, on this occasion 'Recoil 3 - Sasquatch Hunter'. As usual, he's using Toyo Open Country M/T tires.

"BJ Baldwin heads to the Pacific Northwest with his 800hp Trophy Truck to battle Bruce The Sasquatch in a showdown for the ages in #Recoil3. If you thought you’d seen it all in RECOIL 1 & RECOIL 2, you were mistaken."

Toyo Tires Open Country M/T


You can see the previous installations in the following links: RECOIL 1 and RECOIL 2.

Source of the #Recoil3 image and for more photos and videos please follow Ballistic BJ Baldwin on Facebook.

Toyo Tires Proxes Tm1 Ultra High Performance

toyotiresproxestm1 New tire model Toyo Tires Proxes Tm1 (PXTM1), a new generation ultra high performance tire in Puerto Rico. The Toyo Proxes Tm1 model supersedes the high quality tire Toyo Tires Proxes 4 bringing better handling for your vehicle.

According to the Japanese company Toyo Tires, the Proxes Tm1 tire was "developed for owners of a wide variety of sporty vehicles of classic to modern design". The Proxes Tm1 is an attractive tire model with "V-shape groove tread design, engraved “TOYO TIRES” logo on the center rib and stylish sidewall design", satisfying many generations of auto owners.

The Proxes Tm1 model has an aggressive directional pattern. With tapered block edges and large blocks, which provides good dry surface performance, the tire has high grip ability and cornering stability. Additionally, it has an optimized supplemental groove to reduce pattern noise and irregular wear. Along with good dry surface performance. the Proxes Tm1 has a wide straight and "V" shaped groove for better water drainage and good wet surface performance.

To the conventional silica compound in a tire, the Toyo Tires Proxes Tm1 has introduced a special bonding agent that causes high compound rigidity during cornering by increasing the interaction between elements and reinforcing the bonds between them. With all these characteristics, you'll find a tire that possesses excellent control in dry and wet surfaces, better braking performance, more durability, and less noise. With the Toyo Tires Proxes Tm1 you'll discover a more secure and comfortable ride.

We destribute the Toyo Tires Proxes Tm1 in the following sizes. Ask for them in your favorite tire shop:

  • 195R50-15
  • 195R55-15
  • 195R55-16
  • 205R50-15
  • 205R50-17
  • 205R55-15
  • 205R55-16
  • 205R40-17
  • 205R45-17
  • 215R55-16
  • 215R55-17
  • 215R45-17
  • 215R50-17
  • 225R50-16
  • 225R55-16
  • 225R55-17
  • 225R40-18
  • 225R45-17
  • 225R45-18
  • 225R50-17
  • 235R45-17
  • 235R45-18
  • 235R50-18
  • 245R45-18

Toyo Tires Proxes Tm1 Info

MotoRad Coolant Housings in Puerto Rico

CH2860_ANGLEMotoRad introduces the new Coolant Housings to Puerto Rico, a product that keeps and protects the thermostat that regulates the coolant flow towards the equipment that requires it like the motor and radiator. With the coolant housings, MotoRad extends their coverage of high quality cooling system components.

The coolant housings have been found to have a lot of common problems in the original equipment market and in the aftermarket, problems that the Motorad Coolant Housings have resolved. Some of these problems are inconsistent manufacturing including welding, premature failures, and leakage.

MotoRad has overcome these issues with the use and requirement of proprietary materials, special molds with highly detailed surface finishes, thermal shock validation, and 100% leak testing.

The Motorad Coolant Housings product line contains 7 categories, including full thermostat housing assemblies with sensors and other categories for individual components.

Read more about these categories in the following link and flyers:



You can find Motorad Coolant Housings in your favorite auto part in Puerto Rico.

For more information please visit the MotoRad website, also please visit the YouTube channel for "Tech Tips" like the following video:

PowerBond Harmonic Balancers by Dayco Products


Dayco Products brings a harmonic balancers product line, PowerBond. The PowerBond by Dayco harmonic balancers, also known as "dampers" colloquially, are renown around the world for their high quality for original equipment replacement, and they're now available in Puerto Rico.

Dayco Products characterizes the PowerBond Harmonic Balancers as follows:

  • Built with Spheroidal Graphite iron casting.
  • Use both inserted and pressure-bonded rubber which produces rubber strength that is stronger than stock.
  • Standard replacement harmonic balancers are available for most popular passenger cars, light commercial and four-wheel drive application.
  • More than 300 part numbers available in the OE Replacement line.

Find them in your favorite Auto Part.

For more information, please download the following documents:


Dayco Products Hoses and Belts Dimensional and Identification Guide 2015

The 2015 Dayco Products Guide for hoses and belts identification and dimensions is now available. It's divided into three documents: Hoses, Automotive and Heavy Duty Belts, and Industrial Belts.

Each catalog can be downloaded my clicking on the corresponding image below or on the links that follow them:

Dayco Products Hoses Guide 2015 Dayco Products Belts Guide 2015 Dayco Products Industrial Belts Guide 2015

Remember to download the Dayco App for your mobile devices.