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Purolator Synthetic Oil Filters

PurolatorSyntheticOilFilterIt is common knowledge that synthetic oil is more long lasting, which has created the bad habit of not making oil filter changes at the recommended frequency, which annuls the benefits of using this type of motor oil. Purolator has the solution with their new line of oil filters specialized for usage with synthetic motor oil.

The media in Purolator Synthetic Oil Filters is 99% more efficient than the alternative, which means that it removes 99% more dirt and junk that is found in motor oil. This is accomplished with a wire-mesh that gives support to the filter's media, which maintains it intact and durable.

Depending on a vehicle's and motor's recommendation, this combination allows Purolator Synthetic Oil Filters to protect your motor for 10,000 miles, as opposed to other types of oil filters that may be recommended to be changed every 3,000-5,000 miles as specified in the vehicle.

No matter what type of motor oil one uses, be it synthetic or regular mineral oil, the necessity of changing an oil filter at its appropriate time is not altered. Whether it's necessary to change the oil or not, it's immaterial to when one should change the motor's oil filter, even though it's recommended that one should change the oil filter every time one changes the motor oil. As such, if one is to use a more long lasting motor oil like synthetic or semi-synthetic types, it is highly recommended that one uses a synthetic oil filter like Purolator Synthetic Oil Filters.

Additionally these filters have a "No Slip Grip" on the outside of the entire can, making changing oil filters easier than ever.

The Purolator Synthetic Oil Filters are now available in Mascaró-Prter & Co., Inc. and they can be found using the prefix "PSL" on product codes such as:

  • PSL10111
  • PSL10241
  • PSL12222
  • PSL14006
  • PSL14459
  • PSL14476
  • PSL14477
  • PSL14610
  • PSL14612
  • PSL22500


For the good health of your motor demand Purolator filters in your quick lube or auto part of preference in Puerto Rico. But more importantly, demand that they use Purolator Synthetic Oil Filters to be used with synthetic or semi-synthetic motor oil to create better habits in your auto care.

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Quaker State DEFY - Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil

Quaker State Defy 10w40Get to know the innovative semi-synthetic motor oil Quaker State DEFY, engineered to reduce up to 98% of your future engine wear. Quaker Sate DEFY is especially recommended to preserve engines, including camshaft ad bearings, in high mileage vehicles since DEFY contains a significantly higher percentage of ZINC in its formula.

Zinc has been recognized as the critical element to preserve combustion engines, but until now producers of modern oils have been forced to limit the amount of zinc that could be used since it conflicted with the peformance of modern devices of the emissions system. Quaker State has innovated a formula with its oil DEFY which permits them to introduce 50% more Zinc than the stipulated regulatory specifications without risking conflict with the emission system.

Use Quaker Sate DEFY for old and modern vehicles, it's never too early to put a stop to engine wear. Buy Quaker State DEFY and Defy Time.

Now available at Mascaró-Porter Co., Inc. on 6/QT 10W40 with code QS24103. For more information and specifications read the following document: