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MotoRad Coolant Housings in Puerto Rico

CH2860_ANGLEMotoRad introduces the new Coolant Housings to Puerto Rico, a product that keeps and protects the thermostat that regulates the coolant flow towards the equipment that requires it like the motor and radiator. With the coolant housings, MotoRad extends their coverage of high quality cooling system components.

The coolant housings have been found to have a lot of common problems in the original equipment market and in the aftermarket, problems that the Motorad Coolant Housings have resolved. Some of these problems are inconsistent manufacturing including welding, premature failures, and leakage.

MotoRad has overcome these issues with the use and requirement of proprietary materials, special molds with highly detailed surface finishes, thermal shock validation, and 100% leak testing.

The Motorad Coolant Housings product line contains 7 categories, including full thermostat housing assemblies with sensors and other categories for individual components.

Read more about these categories in the following link and flyers:



You can find Motorad Coolant Housings in your favorite auto part in Puerto Rico.

For more information please visit the MotoRad website, also please visit the YouTube channel for "Tech Tips" like the following video: