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Diamond Power Timing Kits and Oil Pumps

Diamond Power Head


Diamond Power is a high quality brand with good prices of engine parts. They belong to the Mexican company Diamond Automotive SA de CV, who have become leaders in the Mexican market with Diamond Power, and have expanded to other countries in Central and South America.

The Diamond Power brand has arrived to Puerto Rico, distributed along the whole Island exclusively by Mascaró-Porter & Co., Inc. We already offer Diamond Power high quality timing kits and fuel pumps for American and Asian vehicles including Japanese cars. With Diamond Power we have a brand with an extensive variety of applications, something that is very difficult to match.

Ask for Diamond Power products in your favorite Auto Part.

For applications, please download the following catalog in PDF: Diamond Power Catalog 2014.


 Timing Kits


Diamond Power Kits de Tiempo

Diamond Power describe their timing kits or distribution products as follows:

Diamond Power offers more than 270 different numbers and applications in TIMING KITS, offering the best quality in their different types and components.


The distribution is in charge of transmitting the movement to the internal components that integrate an engine to a strict sequence to accomplish the phasing of the cylinders according to an ignition order created by the designer of the engine.

For this reason, any problem with wear creates loose movement, provoking the loss of the strict movement of the engine components, then losing the phasing synchronization, causing that the valves and pistons, who accomplish this phasing, to crash with each other, bending the valves and affecting the function of the engine.

 Oil Pumps


Diamond Power Bombas de Aceite


Diamond Power describe their oil pumps products as follows:

Diamond Power offers more than 190 different numbers and applications of OIL PUMPS, offering the best quality based on Aluminium on all their applications.


The pump is a positive rotation device that is in charge of suctioning the oil from the collector and maintaining the whole lubrication system on a pressure specified by the manufacturer depending on the engine and conditions.

This pump may come installed in the interior of the engine or at the exterior and is moved by the camshaft, also in many engines it's moved by the crankshaft. The pump itself has low probabilities of being affected, if it's not by normal wear throughout the years of its use; rather it is affected by third parties like dirt in the oil, obstruction of the colander, and inadequate or contaminated lubricant, which provokes premature wear on the pump and not performing its correct function, which in turn provokes the system as well as the pump itself to work dry and not lubricate, as a consequence of the clogged valve.