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Dayco Poly Rib Aramid Serpentine Belt

Dayco Products offers the Dayco Poly Rib Aramid Serpentine Belt for vehicles whose motors require a stronger and more rigid serpentine belt.

"As the demand for higher output engines and tighter engine packaging increases, Original Equipment Manufacturers have elected to use serpentine belts with aramid [aromatic polyamide] tensile cord on specific applications that may have noise, vibration or harshness issues, or in drive systems in which tensioner take-up is minimal.

The Dayco Poly Rib Aramid Serpentine Belt has been engineered to maintain a quiet, vibration-free belt drive system. Unlike polyester-corded belts, the Dayco Poly Rib Aramid Serpentine Belt will resist the expected elongations, especially during high accessory loading. This unique feature of length stability and minimal stretch can aid in those difficult drives where span vibrations and tensioner movements are excessive, resulting in reduced belt noise. The Dayco Poly Rib Aramid Serpentine Belt also features Dayco’s W Profile, the solution to troublesome drive problems, and is built with Dayco’s specially designed EPDM rubber compounds that resist cracking and perform better under extreme temperature ranges."

You can find the item numbers and their applications by downloading the following document: DaycoProductsPolyRibAramidSerpentineItemNumbers.pdf

For more information, please visit: DAYCO® POLY RIB® ARAMID SERPENTINE BELT.



PowerBond Harmonic Balancers by Dayco Products


Dayco Products brings a harmonic balancers product line, PowerBond. The PowerBond by Dayco harmonic balancers, also known as "dampers" colloquially, are renown around the world for their high quality for original equipment replacement, and they're now available in Puerto Rico.

Dayco Products characterizes the PowerBond Harmonic Balancers as follows:

  • Built with Spheroidal Graphite iron casting.
  • Use both inserted and pressure-bonded rubber which produces rubber strength that is stronger than stock.
  • Standard replacement harmonic balancers are available for most popular passenger cars, light commercial and four-wheel drive application.
  • More than 300 part numbers available in the OE Replacement line.

Find them in your favorite Auto Part.

For more information, please download the following documents:


Dayco Products Hoses and Belts Dimensional and Identification Guide 2015

The 2015 Dayco Products Guide for hoses and belts identification and dimensions is now available. It's divided into three documents: Hoses, Automotive and Heavy Duty Belts, and Industrial Belts.

Each catalog can be downloaded my clicking on the corresponding image below or on the links that follow them:

Dayco Products Hoses Guide 2015 Dayco Products Belts Guide 2015 Dayco Products Industrial Belts Guide 2015

Remember to download the Dayco App for your mobile devices.

New Dayco Website and Online Catalog

Dayco Website Part Search

Dayco Products, winners of three awards at the AAPEX 2013 expo and recent winners of the "2013 Outstanding Manpower Support Award" from the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance, have redesigned their website with better content and accessibility than ever. Dayco have put a lot of effort and made a great inversion to modernize their website with useful information that is easy to find optimized for automotive technicians and auto parts.

The redesigned Dayco website has various new and updated features like its modern online catalog. Within this new online catalog one can find all products from Dayco in a easy and flexible manner.

One can search for products in a variety of ways: by year, make, and vehicle model, by using the VIN number, by its new innovation license plate number, or by interchange number. Once one finds the desired products, Dayco's online catalog will provide specifications of the same, applications, images and videos and other links related to the product.

In addition, the Dayco website has a training section with a multitude of instructional videos includuing tech tips, tool tutorials, and diagnostic help among others. It's also recommended that you subscribe to the Dayco's YouTube page to complement the training.

Recognizing the need to facilitate the manner in which their offered products are exhibited, Dayco has adapted in an intuitive and interactive way the information found in their Products Guide. Whether it be automotive or heavy duty products, like belts, tensioners, hoses, and pulleys, one can browse their profiles along with numerous product images of all types of products offered by Dayco.Dayco Timing Belt

Dayco Products have created a complete information portal which one can take great advantage of. In addition to the new Dayco website, don't forget about the Dayco App for product searches in your mobile device which had been previously introduced.

Keep informed with Dayco with their news, blog, and also follow them through Facebook and Twitter.


Dayco App for Android and iOS

Dayco App 03Dayco Products, recent winner of 3 awards at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo 2013 (AAPEX), have introduced the Dayco App for mobile devices. It's an app optimized to help automotive technicians and part dealers find easily and quickly all Dayco Products (timing belts, hoses, tensioners, serpentine belts, etc.) related to any type of vehicle being serviced.

The Dayco App offers various part search methods including by a vehicle's license plate number, using VIN code (scanned or introduced manually), entering the Dayco Products number directly, or using an interchange number from another brand. Additionally one can use the year, make, and model of a vehicle to find all the respective parts. Even more, the app allows to save searches for easy access in the future.

Also, the Dayco App accompanies each search result with routing guides, step-by-step installation videos, and parts specs.

For more information about the Dayco App, please visit the website. There you'll find links to install the app for free, and also you'll be able to watch a video demonstrating the Dayco App.

Devices with operating system Android, can install the Dayco App via GooglePlay.


Devices with operating system iOS (iPhone/iPad), can install the Dayco App via the App Store.


Dayco Products Guide 2013

The Dayco Product Guide for 2013 is now available. It contains a lot of useful information, like profiles and descriptions of existing Dayco products.
Dayco Products Guide 2013.pdf

In addition, remember you can visit Dayco's YouTube channel where you can find a multitude of infomative and training videos. The channel gets frequently updated, add it to your favorites and subscribe for notifications of new videos:

Recommended Tensioning Levels Table for Dayco Belts

Serpentine belts, that don't have an automatic tensioner, installed incorrectly will cause slippage, squealing, heat build-up and premature failure of components which the belts give support to. For example, alternators with a loose belt equals low current generation, and a belt that is too tense will damage pulleys of alternators and of the power steering.

Dayco engineers recommend to carefully apply the correct tension of belts, for example, 35 lbs. for every serpentine rib.

As such, the Dayco 5040465 belt which has 4 ribs X 35 lbs. = 140 lbs. of pressure. After installing the new belt, the engine should be turned on for 5 minutes to make sure the belt gets seated in its proper place. Once it's in position, it should be readjusted carefully to the recommended 30 lbs. of pressure per rib. This means that the aforementioned 5040465 Dayco belt with 4 ribs X 30 lbs. = 120 lbs. of pressure with a torque wench.

In the following table you can read the recommended pressure for each type of Dayco Serpentine Belt: Recommended Tensioning Levels Table from Dayco.