Hastings Piston Rings in Social Media

Hastings Piston Rings #1 BrandHastings Manufacturing Company, who supply Mascaró-Porter with high quality piston rings, can now be found in various social networks.

They've indicated that they'll have unique followers in each network and content will be tailored with that purpose in mind: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The Facebook page for Hastings Piston Rings will be used for information about stock and racing piston rings, as well as link to their website, automotive news, events, trade shows, photos, and videos.

The Twitter content will be similar to Facebook's as the accounts will also be connected with each other. They'll #hashtag manye of their "tweets" with #HastingsRings or #HastingsPistonRings.

The Pinterest account will be populated with photos and videos of cars grouped by their make and other unique category names. They'll use the Hashtag #HastingsPinPals for their "pins".

Additionally, be on the lookout for their YouTube channel for the existing videoes and more to come in the future HastingsPistonRings.

Mascaró-Porter & Co., Inc. is your best alternative for high quality piston rings, ask for Hastings Piston Rings in your favorite auto part.