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Wagner QuickStop - Restores Braking at Original Equipment Level

Wagner QuickStop Poster Español 2014

Exhort quality brake pads at good prices Wagner QuickStop brand for your auto. The Wagner QuickStop brake pads are distributed in Puerto Rico by Mascaró-Porter & Co., Inc. with the most complete inventory and application variety. Find them in your favorite auto part.

The manufacturer mentions they restore braking in your vehicle at original equipment level:

  • Exclusive Wagner formula low on copper.
  • Original equipment like design ensures uniform performance during its useful life.
  • Ceramic and semi-metallic pads designed to restore like-new braking performance.
  • Except when semi-metallic, all organic pads are ceramic.
  • Shims to reduce noise like on original equipment.
  • Extensive products coverage for American, European, and Asiatic vehicles.

For more information, please visit Federal-Mogul.

Poster currently only available in Spanish.

Wagner QuickStop Brake Pads Premium

Wagner Quick Stop



Wagner QuickStop Pads Premium for all American and Japanese vehicles, with CERAMIC like ZD923 and ZD530 or Semi-Metalic like ZX652 and ZX833 according to the ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT component.

For more information, use the following document with a poster of the Wagner QuickStop Brake Pads: