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Wagner Lighting Products Replacement Lamps

Wagner Lighting Finding the Right Replacement Lamp Poster


Federal-Mogul describes Wagner Lighting Products as follows:

"Wagner® Lighting Products, The Automotive Lighting Experts™, has been on the leading edge of automotive lighting since the development of the sealed-beam headlamp.  With an exclusive focus on automotive lighting, our customers benefit from proven expertise in engineering and manufacturing OE components for the world's major automotive manufacturers.  All Wagner lighting products are Wagner Certified Quality, going through unsurpassed quality control standards and manufactured to exact specifications, which means you can trust them for long lasting dependability.

From Sealed Beams to miniature lamps, Wagner Lighting delivers product performance that exceeds original equipment standards and provides superior replacement lighting.  We understand the importance of OE fit and form replacement parts; we know our parts adhere to the industry's toughest standards - and to yours.  Wagner Lighting Products...enhancing driving visibility and safety for all your automotive replacement lighting needs.

Wagner Lighting Products offers lighting for a wide range of applications, including passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, motorcycles, marine, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), tractors, auxiliary lighting, flashlights, toys and emergency lighting."

Insist on Wagner Lighting Products from your automotive technician, they can be found on your favorite auto part.

For more information visit the Federal-Mogul website and their applications catalog. Please use the included poster to help you find the application of the desired replacement lamp.

Wagner QuickStop - Restores Braking at Original Equipment Level

Wagner QuickStop Poster Español 2014

Exhort quality brake pads at good prices Wagner QuickStop brand for your auto. The Wagner QuickStop brake pads are distributed in Puerto Rico by Mascaró-Porter & Co., Inc. with the most complete inventory and application variety. Find them in your favorite auto part.

The manufacturer mentions they restore braking in your vehicle at original equipment level:

  • Exclusive Wagner formula low on copper.
  • Original equipment like design ensures uniform performance during its useful life.
  • Ceramic and semi-metallic pads designed to restore like-new braking performance.
  • Except when semi-metallic, all organic pads are ceramic.
  • Shims to reduce noise like on original equipment.
  • Extensive products coverage for American, European, and Asiatic vehicles.

For more information, please visit Federal-Mogul.

Poster currently only available in Spanish.

Ballistic BJ Baldwin in 'Recoil 2 - Unleashed in Ensenada, Mexico' with Toyo Tires & Monster Energy


Ballistic BJ Baldwin, champion racer from Toyo Tires, has once again joined with Monster Energy and with his Toyo Open Country M/T tires in a new promotional video: "Recoil 2 - Unleashed in Ensenada, Mexico". This video is the sequel last year's successful viral hit RECOIL.

This video can be found on the YouTube channel from Monster Energy and they describe it as:

What better place than the city streets of Ensenada Mexico, the home of the Baja 1000, to set the stage for the sequel to Ballistic BJ Baldwin's viral hit Recoil. This short film by Monster Energy follows BJ and his 800hp Trophy Truck as he tears through this seaside Mexican city, ripping over every drop and jump the town has to offer in an attempt to win a bet set by his friend, and international playboy Dan Bilzerian. Will he win? What will he lose?

Toyo Tires is distributed exclusively in Puerto Rico by Mascaró-Porter & Co., Inc., ask about the Toyo Tires Open Country M/T tire model in your favorite tire shop.

Toyo Tires Open Country M/T

Source of the #RecoilTwo image and for more photos please follow Ballistic BJ Baldwin on Facebook.

Diamond Power Timing Kits and Oil Pumps

Diamond Power Head


Diamond Power is a high quality brand with good prices of engine parts. They belong to the Mexican company Diamond Automotive SA de CV, who have become leaders in the Mexican market with Diamond Power, and have expanded to other countries in Central and South America.

The Diamond Power brand has arrived to Puerto Rico, distributed along the whole Island exclusively by Mascaró-Porter & Co., Inc. We already offer Diamond Power high quality timing kits and fuel pumps for American and Asian vehicles including Japanese cars. With Diamond Power we have a brand with an extensive variety of applications, something that is very difficult to match.

Ask for Diamond Power products in your favorite Auto Part.

For applications, please download the following catalog in PDF: Diamond Power Catalog 2014.


 Timing Kits


Diamond Power Kits de Tiempo

Diamond Power describe their timing kits or distribution products as follows:

Diamond Power offers more than 270 different numbers and applications in TIMING KITS, offering the best quality in their different types and components.


The distribution is in charge of transmitting the movement to the internal components that integrate an engine to a strict sequence to accomplish the phasing of the cylinders according to an ignition order created by the designer of the engine.

For this reason, any problem with wear creates loose movement, provoking the loss of the strict movement of the engine components, then losing the phasing synchronization, causing that the valves and pistons, who accomplish this phasing, to crash with each other, bending the valves and affecting the function of the engine.

 Oil Pumps


Diamond Power Bombas de Aceite


Diamond Power describe their oil pumps products as follows:

Diamond Power offers more than 190 different numbers and applications of OIL PUMPS, offering the best quality based on Aluminium on all their applications.


The pump is a positive rotation device that is in charge of suctioning the oil from the collector and maintaining the whole lubrication system on a pressure specified by the manufacturer depending on the engine and conditions.

This pump may come installed in the interior of the engine or at the exterior and is moved by the camshaft, also in many engines it's moved by the crankshaft. The pump itself has low probabilities of being affected, if it's not by normal wear throughout the years of its use; rather it is affected by third parties like dirt in the oil, obstruction of the colander, and inadequate or contaminated lubricant, which provokes premature wear on the pump and not performing its correct function, which in turn provokes the system as well as the pump itself to work dry and not lubricate, as a consequence of the clogged valve.

GMB Hub Bearings Poster Ad 2014

GMB Hub Bearings Poster Ad English 2014

Insist on high quality GMB hub bearings for your vehicle, found in your auto parts of choice. Mascaró-Porter & Co., Inc. distributes the most complete and extensive GMB products inventory in Puerto Rico.

GMB describes their hub bearings as follows:

  • Over 75 years of manufacturing background
  • Form, Fit, Function, and Quality Standards Matches or Exceeds Your OE Expectations
  • IS and TS Certified
  • Extensive Domestic, Asian, and European Coverage
  • Advanced Manufacturing Process
  • Controlled Heat Treatment for Metal Consistency
  • High Precision Roll Forming
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Temperature Controlled Manufacturing
  • Sealed Assembly Process to Eliminate Contamination
  • Precisely Engineered Bearing Races for Maximum Load Capacity and Service Life

Click here to see the Spanish version of this GMB Hub Bearings poster.

New 2014 Toyo Girls Models of Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires Girls Group Wallpaper

Last month Toyo Tires introduced the new Toyo Girls for the 2014 year: Janey B., Leanna Bartlett, Natalia Barulich, and Nateasha Nicole. They'll be following the steps of the previous Toyo Girls: Claudia Alan, Chelsea Heath, Magda Angel.

The Toyo Girls will be representing Toyo Tires in various events, races, fairs, exhibitions, marketing materials, and more during the year.

You can download the new Toyo Girls wallpapers for your computer, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices at

Where can you find the 2014 Toyo Girls?

Janey B.Toyo Tires Janey B. Profile

Toyo Tires Profile:





Leanna BartlettToyo Tires Leanna Bartlett Profile

Toyo Tires Profile:




Natalia Barulich Toyo Tires Natalia Barulich Profile

Toyo Tires Profile:





Nateasha Nicole Toyo Tires Nateasha Nicole Profile

Toyo Tires Profile:






Welcome to Team Toyo!

Watch the introduction video of the new 2014 Toyo Girls of Toyo Tires:

Hastings Piston Rings in Social Media

Hastings Piston Rings #1 BrandHastings Manufacturing Company, who supply Mascaró-Porter with high quality piston rings, can now be found in various social networks.

They've indicated that they'll have unique followers in each network and content will be tailored with that purpose in mind: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The Facebook page for Hastings Piston Rings will be used for information about stock and racing piston rings, as well as link to their website, automotive news, events, trade shows, photos, and videos.

The Twitter content will be similar to Facebook's as the accounts will also be connected with each other. They'll #hashtag manye of their "tweets" with #HastingsRings or #HastingsPistonRings.

The Pinterest account will be populated with photos and videos of cars grouped by their make and other unique category names. They'll use the Hashtag #HastingsPinPals for their "pins".

Additionally, be on the lookout for their YouTube channel for the existing videoes and more to come in the future HastingsPistonRings.

Mascaró-Porter & Co., Inc. is your best alternative for high quality piston rings, ask for Hastings Piston Rings in your favorite auto part.